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One thing that makes sure you receive curb appeal for any residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings is a skylight. Whether it’s a full-fledged window to the skies or a sun tunnel that amplifies the lighting of any room, 85228 Skylights and Roofing is the best contractor for any property in Coolidge AZ, and surrounding areas that need a properly-installed and efficient skylight added to their roofs

Comprehensive Skylight Installation Procedure

Skylight windowpanes require a solid foundation upon their installation. It requires a steady hand and established procedures to ensure the measurement of the openings will create a seal that allows for proper and secure installation. Our teams have top-of-the-line equipment and years of experience successfully installing skylights for any residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial properties.

We take great care in ensuring we achieve each of our skylight installation steps effectively:

  1. Carpentry and Frame Development: We make the measurements, construct the necessary frame, and support structures needed for the project.
  2. Roof Rafter Construction: All support structures are built according to Ontario’s Building Code
  3. Post-Construction Inspection and Enhancements: We conduct stress tests to make sure the skylight window is well-installed and properly secured.

Well-Trained and Experienced Professionals

85228 Skylights and Roofing has well-trained and experienced professionals that handle each project in compliance with Ontario’s Health and Safety Standards. Their training and years of experience make them effective in solving any big or small problem that arises during any roofing or skylight installation, repair, or replacement service.

Give your roof the best skylight installation it deserves,

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Skylight Installation and Repair in Coolidge, AZ

Skylights are windows installed in roofs that invite beautiful natural light to stream into the home. Skylights give sophistication and beauty to any living space, and provide homeowners a way to use “green” lighting and solar heating. Enjoy a spectacular viewing of brilliant clouds, lightning flashes and watch the stars and moon move across the sky on a clear night from your own private viewing arena.

Skylights offer a variety of shapes and sizes to enlighten and delight residents and visitors. A skylight system may be a single window, or a series of windows in spectacular patterns, shapes and designs. While skylights are beautiful window additions for any home, the advantages and disadvantages should be explored before including skylights in new home construction or home-improvement projects.

Why install skylight windows?

Skylights are beautiful and provide green lighting
Skylights can increase home value
Natural lighting and ventilation saves energy and improves comfort

Things to Consider

Solar heat gain during summer months could increase cooling expenses
Heat loss during winter months could increase heating expenses
Dusting and cleaning skylights can be difficult
UV sunlight can fade furnishings, flooring and other possessions

Installing skylight windows

The key to avoiding the weaknesses of skylights is selecting features and options wisely. Today’s high-tech skylights come with motorized open and close features, which provides carefree ventilation. When the temperature heats up during the hot months, ventilation through the roof allows rising heat to naturally escape.

Windows treatments and specialty glass solve the issues of heat gain during the summer, heat loss during the winter, UV light damage, safety issues and dust accumulation.


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